Precise Pricing Guaranteed Delivery

Precise Pricing

Guaranteed Delivery

Luggage Free Economy is now Luggage Free

Visit Luggage Free and experience complete travel comfort with our premier Luggage shipping service.

Send Bags Ahead with Luggage Free

Once you experience the ease of shipping luggage with Luggage Free, you’ll never want to go back to dragging your bags ever again! Our door-to-door concierge service means that all you have to do is figure out what to pack. From there, you can let our representative know exactly where you’d like us to pick your bags up from, be it your home, a friend’s home, the office or the golf course! Really! We will pick up your bags, hand wrap everything in protective covering to ensure your luggage and all its contents are protected, and then we’ll handle every detail to ensure your bags are waiting for you at your final destination.

Customs? We’ve Got This.

Sending luggage ahead with Luggage Free also means not having to deal with customs yourself. We will handle all the forms and conversations with customs representatives for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the journey! Pack your skis, your bike, your golf clubs or just about anything else you want to bring on your next adventure and we’ll make sure it arrives safely to wherever you’re going. And it doesn’t stop there! Don’t hesitate to load up on whatever cool finds you pick up along the way. We’ll have it all waiting for you back at home when you return.

Bypass More than Just the Airport

As aggravating as airports can be, checking in for a cruise can also be frustrating. Long lines to get on the ship, hauling bags, and other irritations can be a rough beginning for any vacation. By enlisting Luggage Free, you can avoid all of this and only think about how you're going to relax on the journey ahead of you. Just pack your bags as you normally would, we will retrieve them and send them to your cruise ship cabin, so they are waiting for you upon arrival. We also have your back on the journey home. We'll come and retrieve your bags and send them back to your home, so your journey home can be part of your vacation.

Pack and pick up the phone or visit our website. We take care of the rest!