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Precise Pricing

Guaranteed Delivery

Luggage Free Economy is now Luggage Free

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How Do I Send My Bags Ahead?

Any more, you have to pay for every bag you bring with you to the airport. And then, you get to wonder if your baggage will actually make it to your final destination when they switch your gate number, exchange the plane you were going to be on for a new one, or put you a different flight altogether when yours gets bumped. Instead of rolling the dice with your luggage, try sending luggage ahead with Luggage Free. Skip the back-wrenching haul of luggage to car to airport, then from baggage claim (if you’re lucky!) to car to destination… and all of that over again for your return journey.

Support Where It Counts

Save yourself the hassle and strain by calling on Luggage Free to send baggage ahead. We will pick up your bags right from your doorstep, carefully wrap them to protect both your luggage itself and its contents, then ship them for you so that they are right there waiting for you at your final destination. We’ll even handle customs paperwork and navigation so you don’t have to. Imagine being able to skip all that hassle and just relax and enjoy your trip. What a luxury! And you deserve it! Entrust your luggage to the best, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Can I Ship Oversized Baggage?

Once of the best advantages to using a baggage shipping service like Luggage Free is that you can calculate how much it will be to ship your luggage up front. That also goes for oversized baggage and gear like golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and bikes. You'll never have to worry about negotiating large bags at the airport, figuring out commercial airlines' arbitrary fees, and praying that your precious cargo arrives at your destination unharmed. All you have to do is contact Luggage Free.

Pack and pick up the phone or visit our website. We take care of the rest!